Professor Ibiam, Onyekachi. F. Akanu completed his Ph.D 47years ago at University of PortHarcourt, Choba. Rivers State of Nigeria.He has held several responsibilities within and outside the university system. He belongs to several academic bodies, served as a Council member of Botanical Society of Nigeria and Chairman Local Organizing Committee of Conference of BOSON 2008.He is an Editorial Board member of two reputable International Journals, and has published over 40 Journal articles in reputable Journals, about 42 articles in edited works, six books, one mimeograph and two edited books.


Pathogenic fungi have devastated plant, animal and human health in various ways, this is examined from the effects of their toxic secretions in various concentrations in plants and plant products, and animals and humans that feed on these plants and their products. These fungi cause reduction in plant growth and productivity in the field , as well as their nutrient values in the field and storage. These plants and their products are eaten by animals and humans , and the toxins secreted by these fungi cause various immune-suppressions, and genetic and mycotic diseases of various sorts. These diseases arise from mycotic secretions suchas ochratoxins, afflatoxins, fumiconisins etc. secreted by storage fungi like Aspergillus ochraceous, Aspergillus flavus, Fusarium spp etc.These and other toxins secreted by pathogenic fungi in the field and storage as well as their damaging effects to plant, animal and human, nutrient and anti-nutrient compositions are reviewed