The leaf micromorphology and quantitative phytochemical constituents of Jatropha integerrima Jacq and Jatropha podagrica Hook. He studied in his work to access the systematic values of stomata, trichome and the amount of bioactive compounds present in both studied species. A standard method was used for the anatomical and phytochemical analysis. Result shows minor differences between examined species. The microscopic study has revealed that both species are hypostomatic while unicellular trichome is only found on the foliar ad axial surface of Jatropha integerrrima Jacq. Results from the phytochemical analysis has shown little differences in the amount of bioactive compounds present in both species, phenol contents is the highest in the studies species with 37.65% (14.90±0.84 mg/g) in Jatropha integerrima and 36.13% (7.95±0.55 mg/g) in Jatropha podagrica. The amount of terpenoids is less significant in the two species. The similarities and differences in the foliar epidermal characters and quantitative phytochemistry in the two studied species are of taxonomic significance and can be used to delimit to two species.