Osondu Chimezie Nworu

Osondu Chimezie Nworu

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Title: Values and Practical Implementation of Agricultural Science in the life of the nation Nigeria


Osondu Chimezie Nworu loves those who rule over their people in righteousness and in the fear of God because he strongly believes that successful management of cultural pluralism and diversity becomes an inborn skill on anyone in a position of authority when the one rules with love. That is the reason he is continually researching, evaluating, exposing and denouncing with scientific articles to educate people, governments and organization that displace, marginalize, persecute, devastate people and environments whether the people maltreated are  Ibos, Ogonis, Niger Deltans, and Rohingyas etc. The approach is the same, he sees his works as a means - using intellectualism to educate and promote public awareness of stampede human rights and hidden injustice by corrupt governments in Nigeria and elsewhere that showcases the contrary and do not devote time to thinking of the people


No one can underrate the much significant contributions and potentials for Agriculture in the totality of the Nigerian economy. The key to developing agriculture in Nigeria is studying, researching and identify means to effectively support the small-scale farming practiced by a majority of the populace. The paper is not advocating the abandonment of the medium and large-scale farming levels, but the small-scaled and scattered farming that are prevalently practiced has evinced the needs to empower more this category through receiving more support from aid donors and the governments. Therefore, identifying ways to encourage this level of farming is vital, though presently more emphasis is being given to the middle and large-scale farming resulting in no visible increase of the gross national products. And for a fact that the above 75 percent of the population that engages in agriculture even the percentage gets to about 95 in most urban and in the rural areas during the rainy season are small-scale farmers. These are the lots of the small-scale farmers that cultivate the greatest part (90%) of the 83 million hectares of the 98 million hectares arable land mass. As in Nigeria small-scale farming accounts for about 95% of total agricultural output - Federal Ministry of Agriculture, 2005 (CTA, 2008)

Since, agricultural science is so a broad multidisciplinary field the goal to pursue self-sufficient in food production to ameliorate the lives of the masses by improving the capacity of the small-scale farmers who effectively produce almost the food consumed through the innovative applications of some parts of the discipline of agricultural science. Especially, by applying Soil Science, and Production techniques like irrigation management, recommended nitrogen inputs etc. thereby improving the agricultural productivity, optimally dissemination of information and free urban/rural farming vocation skills pieces of training. Apparently, applying the value and practical implementation of agricultural science such as soil science and  Science Production techniques to Nigerian agriculture shall invariably enhance productivity and distance the farmers from the stress of relying always on seasonal rainfall and bush fallow system especially in the Niger Delta region where family farming was prevalent and gas flaring rate is high  and UNEP in Ogoniland (topsoil) clean-up operations would ameliorate the environment so as to grow healthier efficient crops for consumption.