Oyeleke Oyerinde

Oyeleke Oyerinde

Federal University of Petroleum Resources, Nigeria

Title: Climate change: Impact, adaptation and mitigation in coastal areas of Niger delta, Nigeria


OyelekeOyerinde has his expertise in environmental management and assessment with bias for petroleum related activities such as gas flaring and venting, oil spillage as well as climate related events. He is a burgeoning but fervent scholar in teaching and research in educational institutions. He is currently a faculty member of the first petroleum university in Africa.


Climate change is a global issue and its impact is felt everywhere by both humans and ecosystems. It is increasingly becoming a serious challenge to the inhabitants of the Niger delta region. Moreover, the Niger Delta region of Nigeria is known to be particularly vulnerable to climate change because of its fragile ecosystem and human activities that have heightened the propensity of climate change and its impacts on the region. This paper draws attention to climate change impacts, adaptation strategies and mitigation policies for coastal areas of Niger Delta in Nigeria. A mix of primary and secondary data sources were utilized mainly comprising of interviews, direct observations and on the spot assessments in conjunction with existing research works and government ministries publications. Analyses show that various manifestations of climate change impact are evident in the coastal areas of Nigeria such as coastal erosion, change in rainfall pattern, sea level rise and flooding. The people within this region, who mostly depend on climate-sensitive sectors, attempt to adapt to these changes using various methods such as construction of wooden pedestrian bridges and delay in planting among others. Currently, there are no effective mitigative plans especially at the local level, therefore, it is recommended that this be addressed through well-articulated and coordinated policies.