Panxi Yu is an outstanding student from Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (CAMS) and Peking Union Medical College (PUMC), which is the best medical college in China.  She works in Plastic Surgery Hospital affiliated to CAMS and PUMC, and specializes in craniomaxillofacial surgery and cosmetic surgeries.



Statement of the Problem: Unaesthetic scarring is associated with physical and psychosocial consequences, and nowhere is this truer than large ones in the face. Revision of large facial scars is difficult, yet the superficial ones might be relatively more curable since their therapeutic goal is basically to improve the appearance instead of function. Methodology: According to the etiology, target scars were divided into post-burning group, post-traumatic group and post-acne group and treated by the same surgeon with dermabrasion and ReCell®. By analyzing healing time, complication rate as well as the pre-op and 18-month-post-op Patient Satisfaction Score, Vancouver Scar Scale, and Patient and Observer Scar Assessment Scale, the effect of the combined therapy on different groups were compared and analyzed. Findings: The healing time of post-burning group (19.6±4.0 days), post-traumatic group (15.8±2.6 days), and post-acne group (11.4±3.1 days) varied remarkably (P≤0.01). The complication rate (60%, 20% and 0% respectively) did not reveal significant difference (P>0.05). The post-op Patient and Observer Scar Assessment Scale improved significantly in all groups (P≤0.05), but its improvement in post-acne group was more significant than that in other groups (P≤0.05). The post-op Patient Satisfaction Score and Vancouver Scar Scale promoted only in post-traumatic group and post-acne group (P≤0.05), and they promoted more significantly in post-acne group than they did in other groups (P≤0.05). Conclusions: The combined treatment of dermabrasion and ReCell® is effective for acne scars, moderate for traumatic scars and not suggested for burn scars. To assess the therapeutic effects of treatments for large irregular scars, the application of Patient and Observer Scar Assessment Scale could be applied