Paola Tudela Mondaca

Paola Tudela Mondaca

University of Chile School of Medicine, Chile

Title: Father Alberto Villa Elders Foundation Hurtado`s Clinical Experience


Paola Tudela was received from medical surgeon at the University of Chile, She was formed in Geriatrics and Gerontology at the University of Concepción and performed at the University Andres Bello Magister Pain Relief and Palliative Care. She is a member of the Chilean Society of Geriatrics. She is director of Geriamedic, pioneering health center in Chile dedicated to geriatric care. She has vast experience in the Public Service, both in primary care, where she served as director of the Office of Maria Pinto, as in secondary care in the San Juan de Dios Hospital, the Geriatric Salvador and Santiago. She has extensive experience in emergency care delivery in the rescue services Help and Mobile Coronary Unit. She has served as Medical Director of the Nursing Home Villa Padre Hurtado, an innovative integrated model in eldercare. She has published several scientific articles on aging and care of the elderly and presented his experience in international medical congresses.


The Village of Elderly Priest Alberto Hurtado Foundation is a residence of long stopover with a gerontology orientation helping to the healthy aging, the majority of their guest live in an individual dwellings protected system, which permit them to maintain their autonomy. This Elderly Village also have with a clinical area that permits the hospitalization of the persons that require it. Key words: Geriatrics, gerontology, healthy aging, protected dwellings, residence of long stopover.