Partho Dhang received his PhD from University of Madras in 1994. His research interests were on insect physiology, natural products, semio-chemicals and microbial pesticides. A number of his research work has been published in peer reviewed journals such as iPhytochemistry/i, Journal of Chemical Ecology, Applied Entomology, and Journal of Royal Entomology Society. Partho Dhang moved his interest to urban entomology in year 2000, with his main interest for bio-rational and sustainable methods of managing urban insect pests. In 2011 he published his first book titled “Urban Pest Management: An Environmental Perspective” from CAB International London. He is presently working on his second book with the same publisher.


SPLAT or Specialized Pheromone & Lure Application Technology developed by ISCA Technologies, a California based company was used to demonstrate the ease by which elusive insect pests could be managed. The test insect pests were Bactrocera philippinensis (fruit fly), a pest of fruits and vegetables and Oryctes rhinoceros (rhinoceros beetle) a pest of oil palm and coconut. Both are economically important pest in the Philippines and conventional way of treatment has often failed to limit control. While the SPLAT formulation designed for B. philippinensis was a lure and kill formulation the one developed for B. rhinoceros was a lure and capture formulation.
The work also showed a number of advantages of SPLAT particularly with regards its ease as an application method such as by the use of spatula, caulking gun, metered backpack sprayer; ability to vary release rates and duration of efficacy depending on the size of the SPLAT dollop; lesser use of insecticide; visible evidence for pest elimination etc., to attract attention from farmers.
The formulation attracted and helped mass capture and kill both pests soon after it application. Further the efficacy of the formulation was evaluated over a 90 day period. The results are discussed in this paper.

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