Paulo Eduardo Ocke Reis

Paulo Eduardo Ocke Reis

Fluminense Federal University, Brazil

Title: Endovascular treatment of focal infrarenal aortic stenosis with absence of the celiac trunk - case report


Reis PEO is specialist in Vascular Surgery and Endovascular Surgery . Adjunct Professor of Vascular Surgery and Professor, Graduate Course in Cardiovascular Sciences. He is coordinator of the Vascular Surgery Service, University Hospital Antonio Pedro, Federal University Fluminense. Brazil / Rio de Janeiro / Niterói .He is also Editor-in-Chief-Journal of Vascular & Endovascular Surgery . EJVES Short Reports Editorial Board - Associate Editor


This case report describes a case of abdominal aortic stenotic disease treated with covered balloon- expandable stent with absence of the celiac trunk artery. Technique: Patients are selected for this strategy if they have a lesion without bifurcation involvement located at the mid segment of the infrarenal aorta or stenosis with unfavorable aortic anatomy, or severely diseased and calcified distal aorta. Conclusion: Our result in this case supports the feasibility, safety, and efficacy of stenting for stenosis of the distal infrarenal aorta.
Keywords: aortic stenosis, endovascular procedures, angioplasty, endovascular surgery, celiac trunk variation