Peggy Shaughnessy

Peggy Shaughnessy

Founder of WhitePath Consulting, Canada

Title: App-ifying addictions: Moving treatment into the digital era


Peggy Shaughnessy is a captivating and inspirational speaker whose dedication to the resolution of the struggles of the Aboriginal peoples has blessed her with a powerful gift for positive change. Her knowledge comes from many years of teachings imparted to her by Elders from across North America, as well as from a deep and moving insight garnered through the trials of her own life journey. She is the founder of WhitePath Consulting and the developer of the RedPath programs. She currently holds an Honors Bachelor of Science and a Master’s Degree and she harbors a profound belief in the power of ‘connecting the disconnected’ through Aboriginal knowledge and worldview. She is known as the ‘emotions warrior’ in her passionate struggle to transform healing and wellness programs for Aboriginal people.


The current state of addictions is indicative of an epidemic which shows traditional methods of treatment are clearly outdated and ineffective. Redpath’s revolutionary new App uses cutting-edge web-based and mobile technology to deliver the RedPath model that has enjoyed great success. This App will enable users immediate and anonymous access to a comprehensive suite of interactive tools designed to provide the same benefits as treatment outcomes found in a group setting. Through a dynamic combination of enhanced technological engagement and Redpath’s deep insight and mentoring connections, this App has the capacity to change the way we view addictions and set powerful new standards for addictions treatment on a global scale.

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