Pilar Montesó Curto has completed his PhD at the age of 43 years from Madrid University and postdoctoral studies from Faculty of Nursing. He is the director of Master's degree in Ageing and Health. He has published more than 25 papers in reputed journals and has been doing Erasmus Program, Denmark (University Collage Sjaelland Nykøbing Falster y Naesved in Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences), Finland (Kotka), Portugal (Escola superior enfermagem universitat Oporto), Sweden (Boras University). Lines of research: mental health and genre, fibromyalgia, primary care, violence, values, social inequality and health.


The aims of this study were to explore the prevalence and the conceptualizations of depression detected by the healthcare system, identified by the patient or classified/identified in the validated Goldberg's questionnaire in a community. We conducted a cross-sectional evaluation of 317 patients. The different types of depression diagnosed, identified, current or total were stratified by age and gender groups. The difference in the conceptualization of depression from the medical or ordinary people point of view indicate that depression care requires the understanding of the lifestyle, beliefs, attitudes, family and social networks of the people the physicians and nurses care for.

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