Pingqiao Yuan has completed her Undergraduate degree from Lanzhou University, China. Currently she is pursuing her Graduation from Sichuan University majoring in Nursing.



Objective: To investigate the knowledge of stroke warning signs among nursing staff and analyze the influencing factors, and to providing the basis for improving the ability of rapid identification of stroke among nursing staff.

Methods: Investigating the general information and knowledge of stroke of among nurses, And according to the nurses’ knowledge of the number of clinical symptoms of sudden stroke, they were divided into two groups: The group with rapid identification ability and the group without ability and the univariate analysis was used to analyze the influencing factors.

Results: Influencing factors include whether the nurses had been exposed to stroke patients, whether the nurses had studied the knowledge of stroke, whether the nurses had participated in stroke-related training, work location of the nurses, nurses’ assessment of the importance of rapid identification of stroke and nurses’ confidence of rapid identification of stroke. The nurses' education background, professional qualifications, work-hospital levels are not associated with the nurses’ ability of rapid identification of stroke.

Conclusion: Nurses lack of the knowledge of rapid identification of stroke, nurses should be intervened aimed at the influence factors to enhance the ability of stroke rapid identification and improve the rate of early detection of in-hospital stroke.