Prince Raghuveer Singh Chouhan

Raghudeep Eye Clinic, India

Title: Corneal aberrations assessment with Rose K2 vs. Rose K2 XL in keratoconus


Raghuveer Singh has completed his studies from School of Optometry at Global Hospital Institute of Ophthalmology. He is working as Optometrist at L V Prasad Eye Institute (LVPEI) and Senior Clinical Consultant Optometrist at Raghudeep Eye Clinic.



Purpose: To compare corneal aberrations with Rose K2 vs. Rose K2 XL lenses fitted in keratoconus.


Methods: Five patients (8 eyes) were evaluated for corneal aberrations in Keratoconus with Rose K2 vs. semi-scleral lenses; using itracey. A comprehensive ophthalmic examination was performed on all patients, which included the uncorrected and corrected visual acuity, bio-microscopy, pentacam and fundus examination.


Results: A total of 8 eyes statistically showed significant HOA (p<0.008), Coma (p<0.01), Trefoil (p<0.04) pre and post lenses. No significant HOA, Coma and Trefoil (p>0.05) compared with Rose K2 and Rose K2 XL.


Conclusions: This study identified Coma more reduced with semi-scleral lenses, but not significant.