Promise Chizurulam Onyewu

Federal University, Nigeria

Title: Impact of violation of patients rights in Nigeria public and private health facilities


Promise is a Nigerian graduated as a registered general nursing. (2010) and Bachelor's in Nursing science. He is presently doing his Masters in public health (in view) He is Co-founder advocacy of patient right Nigeria. Member of Red Cross society of Nigeria. NOTABLE ACHIEVEMENT Best graduating student 2010. Best patient right Advocate. Certificate of merit for protection of patients & there rights. Certificate of merit from Ebonyi legislative house of assembly for my role in the sponsored bill of patient right protection. Recognition by Nigerian community in Dubai after my lectures & awareness about patient right protection.


A patient's bill of rights is a list of guarantees for those receiving medical care. It may take the form of a law or a non-binding declaration. Typically a patient's bill of rights guarantees patients information, fair treatment, and autonomy over medical decisions, among other rights as a young boy in 2001 when I took care of my father in the hospital who finally died as result of violation of his right as a patient, he refused surgery because of his diabetic condition but the health care provider induced him and conducted the surgery against his will. He later developed diabetic foot ulcer and died. After his death I was inspired to be a life saver and also an advocate to patient right. As I grew up I became aware of this, knowing that it is a big problem in the society. Respecting patients’ dignity has been described as a fundamental part of nursing care. Many studies, debates, discussion have focused on exploring the concept of patients’ dignity and satisfaction from the patient and nurse perspective, but knowledge is limited regarding nursing perceptions of the impediments they pose to patients’ satisfaction and experiences of the patients themselves. The main objective of my NGO is to ensure the safety of patients’ rights and satisfaction.