Rabia Ali graduated from Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi, Pakistan. Her research interests are in Dentistry, Event management and Marketing. She has given the opportunity to prepare the article on event published in the 2015 on “Comparison of Topical Analgesic and Saline Rinses in Post Extraction Healing among hypertensives and non-hypertensives”


There is no evidence based guidelines on using saline rinses for post extraction oral care among hypertensives. Similarly, benefit of orally dissolved topical analgesics in addition to orally administered analgesic is questionable.
This study was conducted to compare post dental extraction healing among subjects who took simple analgesic tablets dissolved in water versus those who used saline rinses post operatively. A study was done among patients who underwent dental extractions at AKU dental clinic, Karachi. Carious, periodontally mobile, traumatized or broken down teeth among 20-70 years old in either gender were included. In addition to routine prescription of antibiotics and analgesics, hypertensive subjects(n=20) were advised dissolved Aspirin tablet as an oral care while non-hypertensive were divided into two sub groups(n=20 each), advised saline mouth rinses or dissolved Aspirin for 5 days respectively. The outcome (healing of extraction socket) was evaluated 7 days post-extraction on ordinal scale.
The mean age of our sample was 40.9±13.5 years. There were 50 females and 10 males. Upper left second molar was the most commonly extracted tooth(n=5). Out of 60 subjects, 5 were diabetics, all belonging to hypertensive group. Non-hypertensive subjects on topical aspirin showed the best socket healing(20/20) followed by hypertensives on Aspirin(17/20). Poorest outcome was seen among non-hypertensives with saline rinses(8/20). The difference was statistically significant. There was no difference between hypertensive & non-hypertensive on oral aspirin. However, there was a statistically significant difference observed between subjects on saline rinses versus other two groups. Topical aspirin offered superior post-operative socket healing compared to use of topical saline.