Rabiye GUNEY completed her MSc in 2005 at Marmara University and Ph.D in 2014 at İstanbul University in pediatric nursing branch. She studied on children with chronic illness during her postgraduate education. She completed 320-hours creative drama leadership program in a private course which was certified by the Ministry of Education of Turkey. Recently she works at the General Directorate of Health Research in the Ministry of Health of Turkey and coordinating the national research projects.


This study was conducted in order to determine the effect of the creative drama-based support program on the pyschosocial adjustment of adolescent with asthma. The study was performed as pre-test, post-test design on a single group. The set of the experimental group contained 867 adolescent asthma patients between 10-19 years old. All of 867 adolescents were called and invited for the study. Creative drama-based support program was carried out with 20 adolescent with asthma between 12-17 years old who accepted to participate in the study. The program was conducted in 3-hours sessions during 5 days with the total of 15 hours. The effect of the program was evaluated by the Child Behavior Checklist for Ages 6-18 (CBCL/6-18) and Youth Self-Report (YSR) scores which were used before the program (pre-test) and one month after the program (post-test). As a result, the experimental group subjects got significantly better scores in total competence, internalizing and total problem of CBCL/6-18; in total competence, internalizing, externalizing and total problem of YSR after the program. This difference was caused by particularly significant score discrepancies in sub-tests of social, anxious/depressed, withdrawn/depressed, aggressive behavior and social problems. Psychosocial problems of adolescent with asthma should be taken into consideration by clinicians and creative drama-based programs should be born in mind as a supportive tool.