Radhakrishnan N

Radhakrishnan N

Institute of Medical Gastroenterology, India

Title: Portal vein thrombosis - A tertiary care experience


I,m Dr.Radhakrishnan.N.I, doing my D.M.,final year in MEDICAL GASTROENTEROLOGY in Institute of Medicalgastroenterology,Madras Medical college and RGGGH,Chennai,India. I have completed my masters,M.D.,in INTERNAL MEDICINE from the same institute few years back.I have sent 3 papers for my National conferences in Gastro-ISGCON and got accepted.(Up to 100 words)      



Portal vein thrombosis(PVT) has become an increasingly recognisable disorder during evaluation of cases of abdominal pain with usage of widespread imaging techniques.PVT can result due to various clinical conditions like Chronic liver disease,Infections,malignancies and hypercoagulable states. The objective of this study is to observe the clinical presentation and to do the etiological work up of cases of PVT in a tertiary care centre.This can aid in early diagnosis and expert intervention thereby reducing the morbidity in cases of PVT.

Patients and Methods

The study is a cross- sectional observational study done on patients having PVT,who presented to Institute of Medical Gastroenterology,MMC & RGGGH,during the period of Jan 2016 - July 2017were taken up for the study.The clinical presentation of the above patients were observed and their etiological work up done.


Totally 45 cases were taken into study.

27 were males and 18 were females.

Clinical presentation--The main symptoms were,abdominal distension(18 patients,51%),abdominal pain(10 patients,27%) pain associated with diarrhoea and vomiting(5 patients,14%) pain with nausea and anorexia(3 patients,8%).

Etiological work up showed—Chronic liver disease(24 patients,54%)prothrombotic states(9 patients,20%) local factors,prothrombotic risks and idiopathic causes(12 patients,26%).

Detection of PVT were done mostly by Portal vein Doppler(32 patients,72%) computed tomography(13 patients,27%).


Higher incidence of PVT were seen among patients with chronic liver disease.Prothrombotic  states like myeloproliferative disorders and coagulation defects were the next common causes detected.PVT presenting as plain abdominal pain, pain associated with nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea  were seen in patients as well,thereby suggesting that PVT is an important differential diagnosis in patients presenting as abdominal pain with a negative work up for common causes.With the help of widespread and improved Imaging techniques,earlier diagnosis of PVT can be achieved  and early intervention can greatly reduce the morbidity of patients.

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