Rakotonirina Rija

University of Antananarivo, Madagascar

Title: The horticultural chain and the sacked free zones



Regarding a context in which the income of the majority of the population has plummeted, due to the political crisis, shifted to an economical and social crisis, the horticultural chain seems to be a refuge-activity. Many workers of free zones, who were sacked after the revocation of the AGOA benefits, swing to be ambulant sellers or a flower shop. This study will give an answer to the problematic that ask how the horticultural chain absorbs the stream of these workers, and what the impact on the supply side is. A survey was conducted in order to have information about the financing of their investment and their exploitation, and to know their opinion about the gender or the family issues. The main methodology consists of doing a factorial analysis to determine the most important variables. Recommendations will be given to all stakeholders, public or private, with a full respect of the scientific approach.
Keywords: Horticultural chain, free zones, supply, gender, family.