Rameshwari Singhal

Rameshwari Singhal

King Georges Medical University, India

Title: Newer techniques in Periodontal surgery



Advances in periodontal science and practice have radically changed the understanding of periodontal diseases and have opened new, exciting prospects for both medical and surgical therapy of periodontal diseases. The role of periodontal surgery in the management of periodontal diseases has continued to develop and benefit from advances in clinical as well as basic science research. The periodontist now has a wide variety of surgical treatment options to help patients who present with the manifestations of periodontal disease. Historically, periodontal treatment has been aimed more at the preservation and restoration of health to the periodontium than at the esthetic outcome of treatment. In the present era of evidence based dentistry, periodontal surgery has advanced from resection towards regeneration; from macro towards microsurgery; from grafts towards growth factors; from scalpel towards LASER and from corrective towards esthetic surgery. With the advancement of periodontal surgical techniques, the scope of non pocket surgical procedures increased, encompassing now a multitude of areas that were not addressed in the past. The presentation would showcase a series of cases discussing the role of periodontal surgery in the present scenario of increased esthetic awareness and demand by the patient.