Rasha Hosny Abd Elmawla has completed her PhD at the age of 32 years from Benha University and still postdoctoral studies at Egyptian Petroleum Research Institute (EPRI). 


In this paper we prepared mesoporous silica by simple single step method to separate oil (and gas) from produced water. Investigate the prepared mesoporous silica by XRD, FTIR, Raman, N2 adsorption–desorption and TEM. Then a continuous fixed bed study was carried out using prepared mesoporous silica for oil removal from produced water. The effects of flow rate and bed height on the breakthrough characteristics of the adsorption system were determined. XRD analysis of the silica powder showed complete formation single phase mesoporous without contamination of other phases of silica. The maximum removal (70.26%) was achieved for a flow rate of 0.5mL/min and a bed height of 1.5 mm. Two models Thomas and Yoon–Nelson were applied to predict the breakthrough curves. The results show that Thomas model was fitted well the adsorption data with a correlation coefficient (R2) at different conditions. R2 values suggested that the suitable model for describing the chemisorption oil on prepared mesoporous silica was Thomas model. The model showed that the prepared mesoporous silica was suitable adsorbent for oil using fixed bed adsorption.

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