Rashad Murad

Rashad Murad

International Congress of Oral Implantologists, Syria

Title: Factors influencing the results and success rate of intentional replantation procedures


Dr Rashad Murad currently serves as the international president of ICOI-Syria. He is the Chief Director of Dental Association in Damascus.General Manager and owner of Advanced Dental Care Syria For Treatment and Cosmetic Dentistry Center.


Aim: To address the indications, contraindications, surgical procedures, complications following treatment, factors influencing the results and success rate of intentional re-plantation procedures.
For many years, intentional replantation has been a treatment option for teeth that would be difficult, if not impossible, to treat using traditional root canal therapy. It is a viable alternative in the case of unsuccessful endodontic procedures; however it must be accomplished as quickly as possible. The preservation of cell vitality in the periodontal ligament, the removal of all tissue debris and irritating substances from the root surface, achievement of a good apical seal and reinforcement of the crown structure are critical in ensuring normal function of the reimplanted tooth.

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