Rasheed Aremu

Federal University of Technology, Nigeria

Title: Effects of heat-treatment on strength and electrical conductivity of formulated Al-Ni alloys



This Paper investigated effects of annealing and age hardening on the ultimate tensile strength (UTS) and electrical conductivity of aluminium-nickel cast using sand mould. Pure aluminium melt was alloyed with nickel which was added in 2% to 10%. Annealing and age hardening were carried out on the casts. Obtained results showed that Al-2% Ni alloy has the highest UTS of 604.44 MPa. On the other hand, Al-6% Ni annealed alloy has the highest electrical conductivity with a value of 6.15×107 S/m. The Al-4% Ni alloy combined both high strength and conductivity having UTS of 603.28 MPa and electrical conductivity of 5.69×107 S/m.