Ratna Susiyanti has completed her bachelor’s degree in Nursing from the University of Indonesia. She is currently a Transplant Nurse at RS Dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo, Indonesia.



Nonunion fracture is one of bone healing complication caused by inadequate body response of fracture healing mechanism. This study aimed to analyze the nursing intervention of nonunion fracture cruris post open reduction external fixation revision patient with the history of diabetes mellitus. The intervention used was leg elevation, range of motion, glucose level monitoring, diet management and discharge planning. The results of this study showed that there was effect of routine leg elevation in patient. Patient showed improvement on the wound healling decrease of pain and the decrease of edema. The review of risk factors which can worsen and increase complication of wound and bone healing as diabetes mellitus should be maintaining comprehensively. In addition, monitoring of nutrients status, infection prevention and discharge planning to the patients should be optimized in order to improve bone healing.