Rawan Abdul Razack Amir

Rawan Abdul Razack Amir

Medical Student, University of Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Title: Malignant phyllodes tumor of the breast with metastasis to the pancreas: A case report & review of literature


Rawan Abdul Razack Amir is a 5th year medical student in the University of Dammam. She had a strong interest in medical literature at a very early stage and had her first publication when she was in her second year of medical school. She currently has a few publications, including a book chapter entitled “Hepatitis C Infection in Kidney Transplantation”, and has many more in the pipeline. She is also very active in raising awareness in her community in a variety of important topics including how to lead a healthy lifestyle, how to live a normal life with chronic diseases, and how to protect from infectious diseases that are constantly on the rise.


Phyllodes tumor is a rare tumor of breast accounting for approximately 1% of all breast neoplasms. Back in 1838, J. Muller coined the term “Cystosarcoma Phyllodes” based on the leaf-like projections of the tumor extending into the cystic spaces and sacromatous stromal growth. However, seeing as up to 70% of all phyllodes tumors are benign, “cystosarcoma” was dropped, and the tumor is now recognized simply as phyllodes tumor. It is mainly seen in females between the ages of 35 and 55. Although most phyllodes tumors are benign, malignant cases do uncommonly occur, 22% of which have distant metastasis typically to the lungs and bones. Rarely, this tumor metastasizes to other locations. Herein we report a case of malignant phyllodes tumor with metastasis to the pancreas. This is a case of a 34 year old woman who presented to the hospital with a large irregular mass of the right breast initially diagnosed to be fibroadenoma. The patient had multiple recurrences which subsequently showed features of malignant phyllodes tumor. Two years after the initial presentation, she suffered multiple bouts of pancreatitis. Workup showed metastatic tumor to the pancreas which took a fatal course and lead to her death one year later. According to our knowledge, only 3 case reports of pancreatic metastasis from malignant phyllodes tumor have been reported in literature thus far.