Rawan K AlMesned

King Saud University
Saudi Arabia

Title: Fordyce spots of the lips treated with Isotretinoin


Rawan Khaild Al Mesned is currently a Medical Intern at King Saud University, College of Medicine.


Fordyce spots are enlarged sebaceous glands commonly found on the vermilion boarder of the lips and oral mucosa, they may occur on other body surfaces. There are frequently observed in adult males and clinically they presented as asymptomatic multiple whitish or yellowish papules. Despite Fordyce spots benign nature patients get concerned for cosmetic reasons. Few numbers of cases in the literature reported the effect of isotretinoin in treating Fordyce spots. Herein, we describe two patients with Fordyce spots of the lips treated successfully with isotretinoin. The first case is a 50 years old lady complaining of whitish spots over the upper and lower lips. The diagnosed was made based on clinical examination and treated with low dose of isotretinoin, which shows remarkable improvement without recurrence of the lesion. The second case is a 47 year female with whitish discoloration of the lower lips and got treated for several years as case of vitiligo without benefit. On clinical examination it showed classical picture of Fordyce spots and treated with isotretinoin and got improved by 70%. She followed up in the clinic for one year without any progression. In conclusion, we encourage dermatologists to use isotretinoin as one of the main therapeutic options for treating Fordyce spots because of it is good result and minimal side effects.


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