Rebecca Ruige Xu

Rebecca Ruige Xu

Syracuse University, USA

Title: Artistic Data Visualization in the Making


Rebecca Ruige Xu currently teaches computer art and animation as an Associate Professor in College of Visual and Performing Arts at Syracuse University. Her artwork and research interests include experimental animation, visual music, artistic data visualization, interactive installations, digital performance and virtual reality. Her recent work has been appeared at: Ars Electronica Animation Festival; SIGGRAPH Art Gallery; Museum of Contemporary Art, Italy; Aesthetica Short Film Festival, UK; CYNETart, Germany; International Digital Art Exhibition, China; Los Angeles Center for Digital Art; Boston Cyberarts Festival. She has also been a research fellow at Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse, Syracuse University since 2011.


In recent years we have seen an increasing interest in data visualization in the artistic community. Many data-oriented artworks use sophisticated visualization techniques to express a point of view or persuasive goal. Meanwhile the attitude that visualizations can be used to persuade as well as analyze has been embraced by more people in the information visualization community. This talk shares my experience and reflection in creating data visualization as artwork via case study of two recent projects. It presents a workflow from conceptual development, data analysis, to algorithm development, procedural modeling, and then final image production. It hopes to offer insight into the artist’s effort of finding balance between persuasive goals and analytic tasks. Furthermore, it raises the question of the roles of artistic data visualization played in assisting people to comprehend data and the influence of this artistic exploration in visualization might have injected in shifting public opinions.

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