Reju George Thomas

Reju George Thomas

Chonnam National University Hwasun Hospital, South Korea

Title: Chitosan bilirubin nanoparticles loaded with losartan as nanomedicine for Liver Fibrosis therapy


Reju George Thomas has completed his MTech in Nanotechnology from Amrita Institute of Nanosciences and Molecular Medicine (ACNSMM), India during 2010- 2012 and PhD from Chonnam National University (Feb 2016). Currently, he is doing Post-doctoral research under Prof. Yong Yeong Jeong developing theranostic nanoparticles and conducting pre-clinical testing at Clinical Vaccine R&D Centre of Chonnam National University Hwasun Hospital.


Bilirubin is hydrophobic in nature and glycol chitosan was covalently attached to this compound via a stable amide bond resulting in chitosan bilirubin (ChiBil). ChiBil is found to have ability to undergo a solubility switch from hydrophobic to hydrophilic in response to intrinsic ROS. Advanced liver fibrosis is a condition characterized by ROS stress and metabolical effects in hepatocytes. In our study, we use ChiBil as a ROS quenching, anti-inflammatory agent which also have ability to load hydrophobic or hydrophilic drug against progression of fibrosis. Therefore, we have loaded losartan, a hyperthensive drug which is proven to have anti-fibrosis effect also, inside ChiBil. We have developed liver fibrosis model in C3H/HeN mice by administering thioacetamide and ethanol. ChiBil-losartan was injected through intravenous route in 3 dosages for a period of 9 days. Finally, we analyzed hepatic histopathology and biochemical estimation, respectively. We observed a dosage dependent improvement of hepatic fibrosis and biochemical examination (AST/ALT ratio) in the ChiBil-losartan treated group. ChiBillosartan micelles might be useful in reduction of mice hepatic fibrosis model.