Revelo Villareal Sonia Dayanara

Technical University of North, Ecuador

Title: Complications in the delivery of infusions of medicinal plants in women attending the hospital san Luis de Otavalo 2016


Sonia Revelo Villarreal with a bachelor's degree in Nursing at Technical University of North, obtained a Master's Degree in Public Health with a degree in Hospital Management and Research of health services at the Catholic University of Ecuador, she began her professional career in Management Carchi Health and Health Department of Sucumbíos as Program Coordinator of the MSP and part of the Epidemiology team and head of nurses, later provides her services in the Ministry of Public Health as Program and Project Coordinator, Director of Disabilities and currently Lecturer at the Technical University of the North.


In recent times there is great interest in the use of natural medicine, due to its effectiveness in some fields, nevertheless the potential risk due to excessive use or ignorance of the subject must be emphasized. In this way the execution of this research is relevant; the same that aims to identify the most frequent complications in childbirth due to ingestion of infusions of medicinal plants consumed. It is a qualitative, non - experimental, descriptive and cross-sectional study. The sample consisted of 74 women who presented complications during labor and were attended in gynecology in the months of January - December, 2016. The obtained information was tabulated in Microsoft Excel database, obtaining the following results: the age of the women investigated oscillates between the 19 to 35 years, 32% have incomplete secondary education, 90% are authenticated as indigenous, 97% received The care of doctors and obstetricians and 3% went to the midwife, 73% of women presented complications in childbirth due to the infusion of medicinal plants, 22% by taking relaxing baths with plants, and a 5% Poultices were applied as ancestral customs. In conclusion, the consumption of medicinal plants, affects the labor of women and newborns according to testimony of midwives, these treatments alleviate birth and postpartum pain.

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