Reza F Ghohestani

Reza F Ghohestani

Texas Institute of Dermatology, USA

Title: Workshop on Challenging cases in RheumDerm


Reza Fredrick Ghohestani completed his Internship in Surgery at Penn and Derm residency at Thomas Jefferson University. He received his Master’s in Cutaneous Biology & Pharmacology and PhD in Skin Immunobiology from Claude Bernard University, Lyon. Dr. Ghohestani served as the principle Investigator and team leader for many years at various Academic Institutes. He is a former chief of dermatology of University of Texas and Editor of European Journal of Dermatology. Dr. Ghohestani outstanding work and dedication to excellence have earned him numerous honors and international awards for his dermatology research including the American Skin Assoc. & Derm Found Awards. Dr. Ghohestani is director of Texas Institute of Dermatology.


Many diseases initially present with skin manifestations and may often have an overlap with rheumatologic symptoms and diseases. Patients who have cutaneous features of autoimmune and connective tissue diseases have been a challenge for both Dermatologists and Rheumatologists. Selected challenging cases with combined Dermatologic and Rheumatologic manifestations will be presented and different aspects of diagnosis, natural course and treatment will be discussed.