Ricardo Reis Soares

Ricardo Reis Soares

Federal University of Uberlandia, Brazil

Title: Fatty acids, olefins and green diesel from catalytic edible oils hydrolysis


Prof. Ricardo Soares has completed his PhD in 1997 at UFRJ/Brazil and postdoctoral studies from Oklahoma University and University of Wisconsin, USA. He is the coordinator of the Biofuels Graduate Program at Federal University of Uberlandia, Brazil. He has published more than 25 papers in reputed journals and has been working with several brazilian industries, such as PETROBRAS and CBMM.       


Studies using heterogeneous catalysts for the hydrolysis reaction of edible oils still are in early stage. Recently, it was found that the aqueous solution of glycerol, formed after the hydrolysis, may suffer the reaction of aqueous phase reform (APR) producing H2 and CO2. The H2 can be used in the hydrogenation of unsaturated free fatty acids formed, allowing to obtain a specific fatty acid of higher added value. The present work demonstrates that you can tune in the final product by choosing the appropriate sequential catalyst system as shown in the figure below.