Worked at OPTICO-OPTOMETRISTA. Studied at Universidade Braz Cubas - Mogi das Cruzes, Brazil


Visual Therapy with Photon Therapy and Bioenergetics, Improvement in Visual Acuity, Low Vision, Abliopia, Catagara and Macular Degeneration, Photon Platinum is a mass of 3 metals composed of aluminum, titanium and platinum, resulting in permanent radiation, identical to the most beneficial Of solar radiation. This radiation produces rotational and vibratory movements to the water molecules of our body, generating a permanent process of fragmentation of these molecules, which causes the water (which constitutes 60 percent of the human body) to circulate better through Of cells, thus promoting a constant process of cell detoxification. "This results in the fact that photon-platinum radiation facilitates adhesion and osmosis of water molecules across the cell membrane." The three metals fused at 1000 degrees (reduced to microscopic particles) are embedded in fabrics or other materials that we bring glued to the body or next to us. When using Photon Platinum products it is as if we are permanently exposed to the sun at the time when solar radiation is most beneficial, thus receiving our body, which is constantly the most beneficial of the radiation that a human being can receive: infrared ray emitting between 4 And 14 microns. Photon Platinum thus contributes to the improvement of blood circulation, has an anti-inflammatory action and exerts a thermal regulating effect, causing the internal temperature of our body to keep to 37 degrees. More explicit scientific studies, the effects of photon fiber platinum are potentially beneficial for: blood circulation, blood pressure, oxygenation of muscles and brain, and also improving visual acuity.