Ritu Prakash Dubey

Ritu Prakash Dubey

Sam Higginbottom Institute of Agriculture Technology and Sciences, India

Title: Process standardization of value added (jack fruit seed flour and soy flour) Parantha


Ritu Prakash Dubey completed her PhD in the year 2003 from Allahabad Agriculture Institute, Naini, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh (Now SHIATS). She had published 28 research papers in reputed National and International journals. More than 100 abstracts were published in national and international conferences and seminars and symposium. 50 Articles published in magzines. She had 10 years of experience in field of teaching, research and extension.


The present study was carried out with the objectives to prepare parantha by incorporation jackfruit seed flour and soy flour in wheat flour, to assess the sensory acceptability of developed product and to find nutrient content of the product. Control and four experimental treatments were prepared with varying proportion of jackfruit seed flour and soy flour at constant level in wheat flour in 4 different ratio’s viz. 5:10:85, 10:10:80, 15:10:75, 20:10:70 , in each combination ratio of jackfruit seed flour, soy flour and wheat flour. Each treatment was replicated 3 times. Sensory evaluation of product was carried out using 9 point Hedonic scale. The data obtained during the study were analyzed statically using analysis of variance and critical difference techniques. On the basis of findings it was concluded that T2 (10% jack fruit seed flour +10 % soy flour +80 % wheat flour ) scores the best with regard to color (8.76), taste and flavor (8.56), overall acceptability (8.81) whereas body and texture was best at T1 (5%) and scores (8.1). All experimental treatment were also analyzed chemically using AOAC (1980) procedures. Compared nutritive value of parantha with its treatment showed that the highest protein content was observed in T2 (15.04g). Likewise highest energy was found in T2 (446.3kcal). Fiber content showed an increase as the level of incorporation of jackfruit seed flour and soy flour increased. Fat content was highest in T4 (15.34). Calcium content was also found highest in T1 (66.27). Iron content was highest in T4 (8.63) in which the percentage of jackfruit seed flour and soy flour was maximum. Hence it can be concluded that jackfruit seed flour and soy flour can be successfully incorporated up to 10% in preparation of parantha.