Robera Olana has completed his Bsc Degree in Nursing at the age of 22 from Mizan Tepi University in 2013 and Msc Degree in Adult Health Nursing at the age of 26 from Jimma University in 2016. He is a lecturer in Woliata Sodo University. He is also serving as a coordinator of Post-Basic Nursing program. He has published one paper and there are three researches under review for publication (in Plos one, in BMC Hematology and Dove Medical Press). He has a passion in creating a safe living environment for human beings. He performed a research which is first of its type in Ethiopia concerning therapeutic communication.



Background: Therapeutic communication is a purposeful interaction between health professionals and patients. There is a pressing need for research that focuses on factors influencing it. However, little is known about it. Therefore, this study was aimed at identifying predictors of therapeutic communication between nurses and admitted patients at Jimma University Specialized Hospital, Jimma zone, Ethiopia, 2016. 

Methods:  Institution based cross-sectional study was conducted at the Jimma University Specialized Hospital from March 21 to April 9, 2016. 192 study participants recruited using stratified sampling technique.. Interviewer administered questionnaire was employed as the  data-collection tool Principal component analysis, Independent t-test, one-way ANOVA, simple and multivariable linear regressions were applied using a statistical package for Social Sciences (SPSS) version20.A P-value less than 0.05 were taken as significant association. 

Result:  192 admitted patients at the Jimma University Specialized Hospital participated in the study, obtaining a response rate of 96%. The study revealed that 67(34.9%) of the patients rated high level of therapeutic communication. Significant predictors of therapeutic communication were educational status (β=5.870, P=0.011), language difference (β= -6.002, P=0.014), education difference (β=5.208, P=0.010) and Perceived patient view score (β=3.573,P˂0.001)