Robert Engel

Robert Engel

City University of New York, USA

Title: Antimicrobial surfaces


Robert Engel (Ph.D. The Pennsylvania State Unviersity) is Professor Chemistry and Biochemistry, and current Dean of Mathematics and the Natural Sciences at Queens College of the City University of New York. The current work is a continuation of efforts of the last 25 years in his laboratories concerning the investigation of a wide range of polycationic organic salts.


Efforts of our laboratory for some time have been directed toward the development of methods to render a variety of surfaces permanently antimicrobial (antibacterial/antifungal) in a passive manner. We summarize here our efforts in accomplishing this goal. Two general approaches have been developed that allow a broad range of surfaces to be so modified with excellent results. The application of these approaches toward a range of surfaces is discussed, along with the mode of action for them, and the observation of the results. Finally, a direct commercial application of the procedure that is currently being explored is discussed.

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