Rodrigo Hasbun

Rodrigo Hasbun

Associate Professor - Infectious Diseases, University of Texas Health, USA

Title: HIV associated neurocognitive disorders


Dr. Hasbun has a clear research interest in central nervous system infections and have done pivotal studies in suspected meningitis, meningitis with a negative Gram stain and with bacterial meningitis. Most recently he has started to address HIV neurocognitive disorders at the Thomas Street Health Science Center in Houston.. He obtained funding from the Baylor UT CFAR to study HIV associated neurocognitive disorders to evaluated the MoCA as a screening tool and to evaluated the impact of neurocognition in retention in care. He is also a co-investigator of the U24 funded National Neuro AIDS Tissue Consortium.


HIV neurocognitive disorders range from asymptomatic neurocognitive impairment to CD8 encephalitis and AIDS dementia complex.. These disorders are seen in up to 50% of patients receiving highly active antiretroviral therapy and impair quality of life, activities of daily living and compliance with antiretroviral therapy.. Cerebrospinal fluid viral escape due to low central nervous system penetration of antiretrovirals could play a role for some of theses disorders and could be associated with discordant genotypes between the CSF and serum. We hereby describe the classification, screening of and potential therapies for this emerging syndrome.

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