Rui Franco

Rui Franco

Beurze Tandartsen,

Title: Cementation of aesthetic resin composite indirect restorations


Dr. Rui Franco has completed his Masters Degree in Aesthetic Dentistry at the age of 23 from Instituto Superior de Ciências de Saúde Egas Moniz, Portugal in 2009. In 2010 he did a post-graduation in dental implants. Since 2010 he started co-owning the Vale de Milhaços Medical Center and also became the Clinical Director from this multi-discipline private practice. At the end of 2011 Rui Franco started living and working in the Netherlands, where he continues to improve his studies in order to excel in the dental care provided by him.


Presently resin composites enable the dentist to faithfully reproduce the anatomy and dental morphology in the same way that only ceramic could. However, when resin composites are applied in direct restorations they always trigger tensions from its polymerization contraction. This negative factor is inherent in the use of composite resins. In the presence of a large cavity, it may be indicated to apply a laboratory restoration, this is, an indirect restoration. The longevity of indirect restorations is largely determined by its bond strength, depending on the cementing technique used. The use of resin cements is increasing in these restorations, but there is still no consensus about the best technique to be applied. The case reviewed in this work is based on an entire review on the current techniques of resin cements in indirect aesthetic composite restorations. It is performed an analysis of the clinical and laboratory procedures of an indirect aesthetic resin composite restoration in a lower left first molar. Are detailed aspects the mechanical and physical properties of resin cements, as well as variants of the different types of polymerization and adhesion to the tooth structure. The objectives of this study are to contribute, through a detailed literature review, to the assessment of the state of the art of resin cements, giving special emphasis to the influence of its mechanical and physical properties as well as the cementing technique in the clinical success of an indirect aesthetic composite restoration.

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