Ruimao Hua

Ruimao Hua

Tsinghua University, China

Title: Syntheses of functional molecules via alkyne annulation


Ruimao Hua has received his Doctor of Philosophy degree in Environmental Chemistry and Engineering in 1996 from Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan. He is currently a Professor of Chemistry in the Department of Chemistry, Tsinghua University. His research interests are on the development of organic synthetic methodology with the use of alkynes, the synthesis and applications of organic materials for displays (liquid crystal display and OLED display). He was authored and co-authored over 110 publications and authorized over 140 patents with another 55 patents pending.


Transition metal-catalyzed annulation of alkynes with high atom-utilization and economic steps, is one of the most important methods for construction of carbocyclic and heterocyclic compounds. In the presence of rhodium, palladium, copper or other transition metal complexes, we have studied the annulation of alkynes to develop the efficient synthetic methods for multi-substituted indoles and human 5-selective serotonin 2A receptor (h5-HT2A) antagonist, the natural product skeleton of cassiarin C; multi-substituted chrysenes as well as the fused cyclic quinolines.