Russell Burge earned a Ph.D. in molecular biology and biochemistry from The Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, California. Russell received post-doctoral training at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Russell worked on the biophysical characterization of RNA and DNA aptamers relevant to the biopharmaceutical industry. Russell’s experience includes working as a formulation and analytical development scientist at KBI Biopharma Inc., where he contributed to over a dozen biopharmaceutical development projects. Russell is an Applications Scientist at Freeslate where he designs and performs demonstrations of automated systems used for research and development of pharmaceuticals and other chemicals. Russell’s additional contributions to Freeslate range from market research to new product development


Biologics can be prone to degradation and instability, both of which pose challenges to drug developers. In this presentation, we describe applications of automation and high throughput data management systems for formulation development of biopharmacueticals. Results of case studies demonstrate the ability of automated systems to significantly increase the understanding of drug products during formulation development by augmenting throughput, improving efficiency and streamlining data management.