S. M. Rasel Faruk

S. M. Rasel Faruk

Kabir National skin center, Bangladesh

Title: Managing Hair Loss


Dr.Faruk got the scholarship from Japan dermatological association for post graduate Diploma in Dermatology and Dermatosurgery .  Mr.Faruk has completed his diploma in dermatology in 2015 which was a combined course of Juntendo University , Japan and Ministry of Health , Thailand at Institute of Dermatology , Bangkok . Mr.Faruk  joined as consultant of dermatology at National Skin Centre , Dhaka , April 2015. Now he is working as a  Senior  Consultant .  As a young and energetic dermatologist he has many national and international publications. He has recently published a research article on psoriasis



Everyone loses hair , no matter what their age , most people part with 25 – 100 strands per day but some lose faster than they can re grow . Both male or female are affected by hereditary hair loss , female tend to see a widening part an overall thinning of the hair , Hair transplantation ,PRP therapy is surgical intervention for hair loss . Another option is minoxidil, an  over-the-counter foam or liquid that’s applied to the scalp. The prescription pill finasteride, which decreases the levels of dihydrotestosterone (a hormone linked with male-pattern baldness) so baldness is decreased. Lifestyle and health can affect the pace and progress of genetic hair loss. It can be accelerated by stress, smoking , being overweight, thyroid problem. Other reasons why people lose hair include poor nutrition, heavy hair extensions, straightening -tightening - highlighting, hormonal changes during menopause or after childbirth, medications. Carbohydrate , Protein , Fat is necessary for hair building and regrowth,found in balanced diet.Vitamin B,C, D, A is necessary for hair generation and synthesis. Vitamin A from vegetable source is better than animal source .  Ascorbic acid 2 phosphate promotes elongation of hair shafts via secretion of insulin like growth factor 1 from dermal papilla cells. Vitamin D is necessary for anagen initiation. Low serum ferritin and vitamin D2 are associated with hair loss in female with telogen effluvium and female pattern hair loss. Silicon is necessary for hair shine. Cobalamin (B12) may have connection to excess hair loss in woman with anemia depression. Zinc, Iron , Copper , Selenium , Silicon , Magnesium , Calcium play important role for hair growth.  Balanced diet , RDA nutritional supplementation can be taken for personal imbalance diet. Oral nutritional supplementation is to be rejected , unless proved by serum level measurement.