S. S. Meena

National Research Centre on Seed Spices, India

Title: Effect of agronomic practices on growth, seed yield and profitability of dill (Anethum sowa L.)


S.S. Meena is a Senior Scientist (Hort.) in ICAR-National Research Centre on Seed Spices Tabiji, Ajmer.


A field experiment was carried out with an objective to find out the optimum sowing time and crop geometry in dill for realising higher yield and benefit. Fifteen treatment combinations comprising of five dates of sowing viz., Ist October, 15th October, 30th October, 15th November and 30th November in main plots and three crop geometry viz., 40 cm x10 cm, 50 cm x 10 cm and 60 cm x 10 cm spacing in sub plots were taken in split plot design with three replications. The results revealed that sowing of dill on 15th October exhibited significantly higher plant height and number of branches per plant at all the growth stages with maximum number of umbels per plant (60.15), umbellates /umbel (44.10) and seeds /umbellate (57.18). The maximum seed weight (4.89 gm), seed yield (1631.75 kg /ha), net returns (Rs. 107222/ha) with highest benefit: cost ratio (15.32) were recorded in the same treatment. Significantly higher plant height at all the growth stages, yield attributes, seed yield (908.57 kg /ha), net returns (Rs. 56600 /ha) and BCR (8.09) were obtained with sowing of dill at 40 cm x 10 cm spacing over wider spacing. Therefore, sowing of dill on 15th October at 40 cm X 10 cm spacing was found most suitable for realising higher growth, seed yield, net returns and BCR.
Keywords: Dill, Agronomic practices, Seed yield, Profitability.

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