Saif Uddin Ahmed

Saif Uddin Ahmed

BSM Medical University, Bangladesh

Title: Breast Cancer: Presentation & limitation oftreatment - Bangladesh perspective


Saif Uddin Ahmedgraduated from Sylhet Medical College, Chittagong University, Bangladesh and Underwent Residency training at IPGMR, Dhaka. He is obtained fellowship from Bangladesh College of Physicians of Surgeons (BCPS), Dhaka. He is now Professor of Surgical Oncology, BSM Medical University, the only Medical University of the country. He has published 38 scientific papers and now appointed as focal point for Breast Cancer Screening Program at national level in Bangladesh funded by Government of Bangladesh and UNFPA.


In Bangladesh, 160 million people about half are female, 25% illiterate, 31% below poverty level and 45% female become illiterate. A breast lump when first identify already attains a big size. After identification of a lump often treated by hot compression, homeopath, and herbal medicine such as “Neempata” and lime. Large group presented with nipple discharge, nipple retraction, with axillary & supraclavicular lump, fumigating mass, with treated by local doctors keeping the cancer ignored. In tribal population, the ‘Chakma’ people there is tradition of application of hot water & iron. When they finally reach health care centre, they are diagnosed as breast cancer. The `Monipuri’ people do not consider a lump to be significant unless they are big. We are treating a huge number of breast cancers amidst many limitations within our capacity. Our patients do not come to early due to lack of awareness. They fail to understand the gravity and importance of the situation. When our patients are confused where to go. They shuttle between a surgeon, oncologist, gynecologist, general practitioner and also for a female doctor who are available nearer to their home.After Surgery, usual problems are fear of side effects of chemotherapy; inadequate post-operative radiotherapy facilities and improper post-operative follow up. Patients failed to avail timely treatment or discontinue treatment due to political turmoil, road blockage, strikes and natural calamities.There is no national management protocol and screening program of breast cancer in Bangladesh, Screening program and mass awareness is essential to overcome our social- religious bindings.

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