Sakine Ugurlu Karaagac

Sakine Ugurlu Karaagac

Karabuk University, Turkey

Title: Marine pollution management in Turkey


Sakine Ugurlu Karaagac has completed her PhD at Ankara University. She worked at Ankara University as a Research Assistant for three years. She started to work at Plant Protection Central Reseacrh Institute, Toxicology Department as a Scientific Researcher. Now, she is working at Karabuk University, Environmental Engineering Department as an Assistant Prof. Dr. She has published a lot of papers in different journals.


Pollution of waters and marine will lead to the formation of environmental pollution which can not be avoided in the future. Marine pollution is the introduction of substances to the marine environment directly or indirectly. There are different types of pollution inputs into the marine. The most important cause of marine pollution is reducing the amount of oxygen in seawater. This will lead to a serious deterioration of the viability of the seas and destroy the natural balance. The main cause of marine pollution: 1. Contaminants formed by the city built on the shores of the sea, 2. Industrial plants located on the seafront area, 3. Oil platforms and pipelines board on in the seas and oceans, 4. Air and sea vehicles using the road, 5. Ship accidents, especially ships carrying oil, 6. Pollution made with human hands as ignorance or intentional. Because our country is surrounded by sea on three sides, there is a busy ship traffic. Especially Çanakkale and Istanbul Straits, the way the only route connecting the Black Sea to other seas, have heavy ship traffic and involves intensive risk for environmental pollution. In Turkey, we have different kinds of mine beds such as copper, iron, gold, coal, etc. These are another sources of marine pollution. We have different agricultural production activities in wide areas. During the production, different agrochemicals are used and this hazardous and toxic wastes reach the marine environment by different ways. It is very important and diffucult to manage pollution in marine environment because the source of pollution is different in marine environment. In Turkey, pollution conrol management studies are carried out by Directorate General of Environmental Management, Ministry of Environment and Urbanization according to the national and international laws.