Sally Bing

Sally Bing

Bing Dental, New Zealand

Title: Revolutionizing the world of Dental Hygienists


Sally has been working in dentistry for 20 years and she is a NZDC qualified Dental Hygienist. In addition to Dental Hygienist, she has Dental Technology and Dental Therapy qualifications, also qualified in Self Expression and Leadership with certification from the Landmark Forum organization. Worked with the One 2 One Charitable Trust in Cambodia. Sally shared oral health information and inspiration in the Cannons Creek area near Porirua, an initiative sponsored by Colgate and Listerine.


Trained dental hygienists that are fresh from school are boxed in and therefore limited in what they can do for their clients. Their mantra: \"Gum/Periodontal disease is dental hygienists responsibility\".
This has to change it\'s time to give the clients tools to take charge. The dental hygienist assists this process by building a trustful relationship with their clients and empowering them by educating and giving them tools to change habits.
Result: happy clients that are motivated to take the responsibility to look after their oral health.

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