Saman Mohammadipour is a colorectal surgeon with a decade experience in wound management, using silver combined with all methods is one of his favorites. Vacuum therapy is one of best method to manage big wound combination with silver base gauze or foam, following his last article in wound therapy. He presents this article as a method for managing surgical site infection with mesh.


Surgical site infections (SSIs) are infections of the tissues, organs, or spaces exposed by surgeons during performance of an invasive procedure. Th e use of synthetic prosthetic mesh is well established as the surgical treatment of choice for repair of ventral incisional hernias. Use of these mesh materials may result in specifi c complications that range from minor to potentially life-threatening. Th e defi nitive treatment for any infected prosthetic material in the body is removal and substitution. Sometimes you can manage the infected wound without removal the mesh with open abdomen dressing and irrigation and control the infection with parallel antibiotic therapy. NPWT has been demonstrated to signifi cantly improve patient survival and facilitate earlier closure of the open abdomen. In this study we used npwt for management of open abdomen with infected mesh with silver-based foam. Th is article reviews the case of 64 year-old man with infected surgical wound and mesh with history of surgery due to big abdominal hernia and gastrointestinal fi stula. Aft er several irrigations, the wound was dressed by negative pressure wound therapy with silver-based foam without removal the mesh. Th e wound improved without any further surgery. We found that negative pressure wound therapy with silver-based foam could be used on infected prosthetic mesh in wound besides control of infection without further surgery for mesh removal.