Samar Gewily

Samar Gewily

Dubai Police Forensic Laboratory, UAE

Title: Physical and chemical characterisation of captagon tablets seized in dubai in 2016


Samar Gewily has completed her Bsc of science in Chemistry and Ecology from Monash University, AUS. She worked for WWF-UAE in environmental education program, a leading organization in environmental education and conservationa work. She has published on Wadi Wurayah Nationl Park, UAE. Also participated in two research projects with Earth Watch, AUS. She has joined a UNESCO program for Young Ecologist in Ethiopia and UAE for Biosphere Reserves. Currently works as Expert in Chemistry at Dubai Police Forensic Laboratory, UAE. Presented a scientific paper at Hemaya 12th Annual Conference, Dubai, UAE in 2016,
for Narcotics.


Illicit production of Captagon tablets has become widely spread in the Middle East recently. Around 5% of cases of seized drugs in Dubai in 2016 were Captagon. Originally Captagon is the trademark name of Fenethylline, however studies and chemical analysis of seized tablets has proven the absence of Fenethylline, rather it showed different combinations of Amphetamine, Caffeine and other compounds. In this study, total of 20 representative samples from different cases were analysed chemically using Gas Chromatography coupled with Mass Spectroscopy (GC-MS), and Micro X-Ray Fluorescence (μXRF) to determine organic and inorganic content. In
addition, samples were physically characterised using 3D microscope. Based on results, comparisons were made between samples and linked to information on originality as a first step towards Captagon Profiling.