Sameh Samy Abdou

Sameh Samy Abdou

Alexandria University, Egypt

Title: Constraints and obstacles in dental implant treatment


Sameh Samy Abdou obtained Diploma in Implantology from Sevilla University, Spain in 2007. He is a Consultant in Prosthodontics & Implantology and his private practice is limited to Prosthodontics & Implantology at Alexandria, Egypt. He continued dental implant course, at Royal College of Surgeon, Edinburg in 2005 and in Seville University, Spain in 2006-2007. He participated in Dental Education Programs in New York University in 2006. He served as a speaker &consultant of implantology courses at Alexandria Dental Syndicate in 2008 and speaker of Egyptian Association of Dental Implant 2009, DGZI congress at Damascus in 2009, Syrian Dental Association Congress in 2009-2010, Lebanese Dental Association Congress at Tripoli in 2010-2013, Sevilla Dental Implantology Congress in 2010 and in Tanta University Dental Implant Course, 2013. He is a Course Director of Egyptian society of dental implant since 2009 and speaker of several national & international events.


The appropriated placed dental implants are the most reliable method of tooth replacement. Keys to dental implant success should include proper case selection, excellent surgical technique, placing adequate restoration on the implant, educating the patient to maintain meticulous oral hygiene. Although the overall success rate of dental implant is very high, there are few absolute Constraints and Obstacles. The experienced trained clinician should have little difficulty in assessing patients as suitable.