Samir Messoudi

Samir Messoudi

Université Paris-Sud, France

Title: News organometallic methodologies towards thioglycosides


Samir Messoudi completed his PhD in 2004 at Blaise Pascal University, Clermont Ferrand, France. After two years postdoctoral follow, he joined the group of "Therapeutic Chemistry" in 2007 as a junior CNRS-researcher at BioCIS UMR 8076, university of Paris 11. He obtained his Habilitation diploma (HDR) in January 2011. His research interest concern the functionalization of carbohydrates and heterocycles under transition-metal catalysis, as well as the preparation of molecules and molecular scaffolds of biological and therapeutic interest. Sam is co-author of 70 publications and was the recipient of the "Prix d’Encouragement à la Recherche en Chimie Thérapeutique" award of the French Therapeutic Chemistry Society and SERVIER laboratories in 2012.


In the context of the synthesis of bioactive heterosides, the development of novel C–heteroatoms glycosidic bond forming methodologies is an intensively investigated field of the utmost importance. Over the last few decades, various reports for generating glycosidic linkages has been reported. In almost all of these methods the sugar moiety was used as a donor (electrophile) partner and the aglycon (acceptor) as a nucleophile. To date, there is still no universal and suitable method for the functionalization of all kinds of saccharides (mono- di- or polysaccharides) with a perfect control of the anomeric position.

Herein, we report our recent results in the use of saccharides as nucleophilic partners able to react with various aglycon electrophiles under sustainable metal-catalysis. 1 Two news processus concerning the Pd-catalyzed Buchwald-Hartwig-Migita cross-coupling at room temperature2 as well Csp2 C-H activation reaction3 by using 1-thiosugars will be presented.