Prof Dr Satish C Puri earned his PhD in 1973 in Bio-organic Medicinal chemistry, PDF at University of West Virginia             Morgantown and National Science Foundation Fellow at University of Minnesota Minneapolis USA. He worked for      more than 35 years (1972-2007) in CSIR-IIIM Jammu-180004 India. Puri had been CSIR-DAAD Visiting Scientist          number of times to University of Dortmund Germany, University of Manchester UK. He supervised 35 PhD  fellows     and have to  his credit about 200 peered reviewed international publications patents and book chapters in the field            anticancer therapeutics, Biomolecules from Fungal Endophytes, radioprotective  and on editorials board of number             of International journals. Presently teaching as Professor of Clinical Biochemistry in Indian Medical Institutes after           superannuation from CSIR.     


Chemical revolution started in the last century by recognition of chemical structure and development of method of isolation, characterization. Modern chemistry lays more emphasis on material biological environments health and medicines.  Environmental concerns have forces chemist to search remedies for imperiled planet. The application oriented modern scientific endeavors are not a single scientific disciplines, therefore promoting multidisciplinary   resources and emphasizing sustainability shall be a root of any chemical design. Drug discovery is one of such frontiers area which is originated in chemical sciences but feed on numbers of disciplines for accomplishing any design. Despite advancement in modern scientific methodologies and computer assisted de-Nova drug designing, continue to be mainstay of discovery of new leads for drug designing. Presentation enlists program modern target for anticancer drug program includes examples from our work of  some   cytotoxic biomolecules with emphasis on environmentally benign protocols and natural products in      conventional   chemotherapy regimen. Calling of visionaries, game changers and paradigm shifters in biochemical ready to take the world most challenging     diseases needs and quest for cures are committed to begin the world research-intensive biopharmaceuticals for advance cancer.A plethora of natural products represent an invaluable gold mine of pharmacophores. Fungal endophyte is a diverse       class microorganism that colonizes plant without any symptoms of disease. Fungal endophytes display a broadspectrum of biological activities viz; tubulin, topoisomerase, angiogenesis inhibitors, immunomodulators, radio-protectors and antioxidants etc. Endophytes proficiency has inspired us to detection and characterization of biometabolites like taxoids, podophyllotoxins, camptothecinoids, combretstatins, epofornin phialmusltin,          ramlosin and   diaploic acid from microbes using LC/ESI-MS/MS (Tandem) spectrometry in low levels of detectable of   anticancer  bimolecular in last decade.