Satya Subham Rout

Satya Subham Rout

Lovely Professional University, India

Title: Automated air purification system for outdoors


Satya Subham Rout is pursuing his BTech (Hons.) in Mechanical Engineering from Lovely Professional University, Punjab, India. He has been associated with many National Level Science Exhibitions where he has won many prizes and recognitions in events like National Science Congress and Amateur Scientist Program, Young India Science Fest and many other University and College level competitions for his projects which were generally based on Environmental Pollution, tracking and solutions.


Automated Air Purification System for Outdoors (AAPSO) is a unique air purification system conceptualized on the modern air purification standards to meet the pollution demands of the busy industrial cities and the slow moving rural areas as well. It has been designed with the ability to remove particulate matter and allergens and microbes from air and make the surrounding air cleaner to breathe and live. It is based on the modern methods like HEPA and ionizer which are the most energy efficient and favorable Indoor Air Purification systems and running on solar power also, this mechanism can help clean out outdoor air almost perfectly and efficiently. Moreover the design has been conceptualized keeping in mind the dynamics of air flow and Bernoulli’s principles. The concept has been derived from nature. Trees, as they form a basis of air purification in the ecosystem, give it inspiration and the mechanism used in it is very cheap and easily available without much strain. However, further modifications to this concept can take this to greater efficiency to tackle the modern Pollution problem that the world is facing today.