Selden COSKUN has been Graduated from Chemical Engineering and made a master degree on chemical engineering and on business administration. Later on she worked as professional on medical device sector as a quality profession. Now she is giving lectures at Isık University on quality at health sector and on occupational health & Safety. Meanwhile she is also on her last quarter to finish her PhD on health management at Okan University , Istanbul.


Many country governments try to control the hospital costs and make re-arrangements in health systems. In other respect, the quality phenomenon which is been adding to all products, is also effective in hospital sector. The basic reasons of increased health expenditures are an increase in the life time, development of health acknowledgement among people, use of advanced technology and except these factors problems due to asymmetric information also exist. At the same time in Turkey and in all over the world, both in public hospitals and private hospitals quality management systems are spreading wide. By the quality management systems the loaded cost also increases more. Information asymmetry and the demand that has been made by supply problem is getting layered by the rapidly developing quality phenomenon. In this work the effect of hospital quality costs to asymmetric information has been evaluated by analyzing publishes from foreign and internal releases. Under a theoretical perspective in a short period analyses, limiting the supply by quality management systems and because of the cost increase, the equilibrium service production level would decrease; in long term according to the increase of the information asymmetry the decrease will show up in a equilibrium according to the demand that has been occurred by supply and only the price increase will be a result.

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