Seong Chan Jun

Seong Chan Jun

Yonsei University School of Mechanical Eng

Title: Enhanced chemical vapor sensing by single-stranded DNA-graphene


Seong Chan JUN has completed Bachelor, master and Ph.D. degree from George Washington University (Washington D.C.), Cornell University (Ithaca N.Y.), and Columbia University (New York, NY) respectively. After he graduated, he worked at NSEC (Nano Scale Science & Research Center) and SAIT (Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology) sequently. He has been currently appointed professor at Yonsei University (Seoul, Korea) since 2008.


Sensor platforms lie at the heart of biochemical sensing applications. The efforts, especially for applying functionalized graphene devices have been recently highlighted in the field of biochemical sensors. However, chemical vapor sensors do not guarantee their sensing ability in high humidity since the electrical measurement is easily degraded by water molecules.